Designing for the future.

McCracken & Woodman has been designing mechanical systems for over 30 years. From the beginning, we have been concerned with questions of environmental well-being and the impact of our work on the surrounding community. Our practice has included schools, churches, libraries and community centers. We have designed systems that meet the demanding requirements of medical and environmental research. Since 1974, we believe we have been at the forward edge of the expanding environmental movement.

Now that this once small movement has become a global priority, McCracken & Woodman continues to insist on the highest quality mechanical systems, while devising the most progressive and innovative solutions for our clients, our community and our world.

You can view details of some of our work by clicking on the menu at left. From the design of the first geothermal HVAC system in a Califonia school (Blue Oak School), to the implementation of a custom air handling system for an environmental research lab (Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Laboratory) we are always working to find energy-saving, cost conscious solutions for each structure.

For more information, please contact us at: 925-283-4891 or e-mail: info@mccracken-woodman.com.