Contra Costa County Laboratory

Lake Merritt Boathouse

The City of Oakland chose to pursue LEED Certification at the Silver level for the restoration of the historic Lake Merritt Boathouse. Originally designed by John Galen Howard as a “high pressure salt water pumping station” for the City of Oakland Fire Department in 1909, with additions designed by Walter D. Reed in 1913, the City required that building energy consumption should exceed the City of Oakland’s sustainability goals.

The System

Currently under construction, the restored boathouse will exceed Title 24 standards by 25.7% and the owner will receive a significant incentive for high energy efficiency through the PG&E Savings By Design Program. McCracken & Woodman designed a mechanical system using a non-HCFC chiller and natural ventilation with an economizer cycle that can provide mechanical ventilation based on CO2 sensors located throughout the building. We are preparing documentation for LEED Certification and performing Life Cycle Cost Analysis as part of our scope of services.

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