Contra Costa County Laboratory

Homestead High School

The modernization of the mechanical system for the existing 14-building high school campus and the central chiller/boiler plant, plus a stand-alone system for a newly constructed library building posed an extremely complex puzzle. The campus was originally served by a 3-pipe system that required manual change-over from heating with hot water to cooling with chilled water. Retrofit of the mechanical system to a 4-pipe arrangement took place over a period of several years, with the challenging requirement that several buildings would remain on the 3-pipe system during the conversion process.

The System

Careful coordination of the installation and removal of piping throughout the network of tunnels ensured a smooth transition to the 4-pipe distribution system. The new system can simultaneously heat one building (or part of a building) while cooling other buildings on campus. New air conditioning systems for each of the fourteen existing buildings on campus and a rooftop air conditioning system for the new library were also part of our scope of services.


McCracken & Woodman, as the commissioning authority, oversaw, directed, and documented the Installation Verification and Functional Performance Testing.

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