Contra Costa County Laboratory

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Laboratory

The Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Laboratory performs a variety of organic, inorganic, bacteriological, and process analyses, testing at the parts per billion level. Each of the six labs has specific requirements including approximately 30 changes of air per hour. The extreme level of testing places intense demands on the mechanical system to provide the purest air quality possible, and results in a fairly high use of energy.

The Systems

Oversized air handling equipment was installed to minimize the pressure drop throughout the HVAC system, maintaining the high air quality standards and reducing overall energy usage. Waste heat from the Sanitary Plant provides hot water for heating throughout the facility as well as domestic and industrial hot water.

LABORATORY MECHANICAL SYSTEM: Custom air handling unit with chilled and hot water coils, 85% pre-filtration, carbon odor filtration and 99.7% final filtration. A high efficiency air cooled chiller provides chilled water.

LABORATORY PLUMBING SYSTEM: Acid waste and vent piping with an acid neutralization basin, industrial cold water, industrial hot water, deionized water, compressed air, and vacuum piping.

OFFICE MECHANICAL SYSTEM: Multiple air handling units each with a hot water and chilled water coil. The new high efficiency air cooled chiller provides chilled water.

OFFICE PLUMBING SYSTEM: Waste, vent, hot water, cold water, roof drainage, and condensate drain piping.

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